ONLY & SONS – a young-minded and ambitious menswear brand grounded in the universe of denim. We are rooted in the northern hemisphere and inspired by creative environments like modern metropoles, where urban subcultures thrive, and inventive originals innovate. From timeless and classic to eccentric and challenging, our styles are varied in look and feel, but always uncomplicated and carefully crafted. Our signature is a subversive take on contemporary classics. We embrace distinction and individuality – it's not about conforming to the status quo; it’s about setting a new standard.

The cornerstone of our business is affordable fast fashion containing high-level quality items at competitive prices. We strive for effortless style with trendy yet commercially viable pieces, with a clear goal of becoming a European market leader. The ONLY & SONS consumer is an archetype of the modern-day man. He is recognised for being fashion-conscious and for his self-reliant style. It’s not about age, it’s about fashion and the fact that great quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

ONLY & SONS – passionate jeans makers!