Membership of ONLY&SONS customer club is free of charge and non-binding, and it is possible to unsubscribe at any time. You have to be 18 years or older in order to join ONLY&SONS customer club. If you are under 18 years of age, you can still join the ONLY&SONS customer club by sending a signature from a parent or legal guardian to You hereby accept that BESTSELLER A/S (Fredskovvej 5, 7330 Brande, Denmark, VAT 88216512) and/or VILA A/S (Stilling Kirkevej 10, Stilling, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark, VAT 67756819) can send you marketing via e-mail, text messages, MMS or post, regarding: Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and other fashion items from e.g. VILA CLOTHES, VERO MODA, MAMALICIOUS, NAME IT, JACK & JONES, OBJECT COLLECTORS ITEM, ONLY, OUTFITTERS NATION, PIECES ACCESSORIES, LITTLE PIECES, SELECTED, JUNAROSE, Y.A.S, NOISY MAY, ONLY & SONS and other brands which may be marketed in the future. Offers, sale, competitions and events from own stores and stores owned by partners, as well as other marketing initiatives. Information on the companies BESTSELLER A/S, VILA A/S and/or other companies in the BESTSELLER organization which market and sell clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and other fashion items etc. You also consent to the fact that BESTSELLER A/S and VILA A/S collect, process and register the personal information given by you and may forward such information to other companies in the BESTSELLER organization, including BESTSELLER HANDELS B.V. responsible for BESTSELLER’s online shop, or to a third party which market the mentioned products on behalf of BESTSELLER A/S and/or VILA A/S. Your membership data is kept at BESTSELLER A/S, Denmark, and is treated confidentially. Furthermore, data from ONLY customer club will be exchanged and registered with BESTSELLER’s online shop, BESTSELLER HANDELS B.V., for statistical and marketing related purposes. At any time, you are entitled to obtain information on which personal data of yours that BESTSELLER A/S and VILA A/S process. You may request that the information about you which BESTSELLER A/S and VILA A/S have is amended, blocked or deleted. You may also request to know the identity of the recipients of your personal data as well as request other information on the processing of your personal data. You can contact BESTSELLER A/S on and VILA A/S on At any time you are free to retract your consent, by contacting BESTSELLER A/S and/or VILA A/S on or by using the option stated in the materials sent to you by BESTSELLER A/S or VILA A/S. Besides already described, BESTSELLER A/S or VILA A/S do not share your data with other companies without your consent unless this is required by law or unless you have requested to receive specific information.